active+ vitamin c 1000mg

Lemon flavor - 500ml PET bottle

Active+ Vitamin C, your new daily routine. This product combines refreshment and health offering 1000mg of Vitamin C per can with amazing lemon flavour. With low sugar, no preservatives and very important point that it has recyclable packaging.

active+ vitamin c 1000mg

Lemon flavor - 330ml ALU Can

Our body cannot produce vitamin C and if we do not get it from food and supplements, we may show signs of its deficiency. Symptoms of its deficiency start from the loss of collagen, which weakens the connective tissue, including the following symptoms:

- Bleeding from the gums
- Loss of skin elasticity
- Hair loss
- Wounds take a long time to heal
- Chronic fatigue
- Anemia or anemia

The consequences of not taking vitamin C are associated with many diseases and disorders, ranging from anemia to heart disease.

active+ vitamin c 1000mg

Blueberry flavor - 500ml PET bottle

The sicker an individual is, the more he needs to take vitamin C. A healthy individual can take the 1000mg opti-dose from Acitive + Vitamin C. Those who have various diseases should consult a nutritionist and doctor. for increasing its dose. For example, patients with heart disease, according to orthomolecular references by Dr. Linus Pauling should take up to 6000mg of vitamin C.

The benefits of vitamin C are truly extraordinary:

• Reduces wrinkles
• Helps absorb iron in the blood
• Antioxidant that fights free radicals, especially in cancerous diseases
• Reduces the side effects of nicotine
• Increases immunity

Vitamin C should become the ‘new nutritional fashion’ in all our homes!

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