MediPure wet wipes

MediPure Wet Wipes are pre-moistened wipes that gently cleanse, restore and protect even the most delicate and fragile skin.

Ideal for frequent cleansing,

MediPure Wet Wipes are perfect replacement for soap and water, as well as skin conditioning products. A handy, pre-moistened wipe is extra soft, wide and thick for easy and comfortable usage in incontinence care.

What MediPure does?
MediPure Wet Wipe cleanses patients without soap and water. The spunlaced fibres of the wipe distribute a cleansing and caring emulsion to the skin, while removing surface impurities. The wipe ensures quick and efficient perineal care at each incontinence pad change.

What is MediPure?
MediPure Wet Wipes are large, soft and strong surfactant-free wipes, designed to quickly cleanse, restore and protect the skin.

Who should use MediPure?
MediPure Wet Wipes are intended for care of the skin when changing incontinence pads – but can be used for cleansing of the whole body.

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